Best Floors For Beach Renovations


It’s almost time to say goodbye to cold winter days and hello to April Showers and May flowers.  With warmer weather on its way, it’s time to prepare coastal homes for renovation before the rush of summer vacationers. When considering floor renovations for a beach home, the main concern is choosing flooring that can withstand the abrasive elements of sand, salt and water. Here are some of the most durable and popular floor options:

Image Ancient Surfaces

  • Stone: Stone is a very durable, naturally gorgeous option! Stone comes in many shapes and styles.  For a simplistic look, marble tile can take on new life each year.  Marble is easy to clean, and patinas nicely with time and wear. For a truly unique and trendy appearance, stone pavers can make your floors stand out.  While less refined, stone pavers are durable and follow the “bringing the outdoors in” and “textured” trends of 2018/2019.


  • Ceramic Tile: Ceramic tile is well-known for its durability making it a good option for a coastal environment. With nothing more than a wet mop and tile cleaner, you can keep ceramic tile clean and clear of most minor blemishes.  Ceramic tile also ages well developing its own natural colors over time making it an excellent choice for a beach home. There are countless varieties and color variations of tile.  You can even use Mosaic Tiles to add an element of specific colors in your home.


  • Concrete: There has been a turning point for concrete floors in recent years. It is no longer solely used for porches, garages and driveways. There are now ways to dye, polish and stain concrete to make it a beautiful and functional flooring option for indoors. Concrete floors are extremely durable, very simple to clean, and low maintenance, making them a great option for beach homes!

Image by Shaw Floors.

  • Vinyl Planks: One of our favorites for beach homes, vinyl plank flooring is not what it used to be. And for good reason! With brands like Shaw Flooring and their Floorte collection, vinyl has become a luxury flooring option.  Floorte Luxury vinyl plank is strong, durable, flexible, and waterproof making it ideal to withstand the elements that coastal NC has to offer.

Summer in NC is rapidly approaching the Crystal Coast. Make sure that you and your floors are ready for vacationers and your family’s visits.

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