4 Reasons To Shop At Your Local Flooring Store Over Big Box Chain


When you are redoing your home’s flooring, it is an investment in your property. It is not something you want cheaply done since you will be living with it for quite some time. You might think going to your local big box store will save you time and money but the truth is that you could actually save time and money in the long run by visiting your local flooring store.

Here are our top four reasons why you should consider shopping local:

The Best Selection

When you shop at a big box store, they don’t always have the largest selection of products or styles and colors. These stores have such a wide range of items selling anything from power tools to lighting and everything in between, they don’t have the space to hold a selection as wide as a local store that specifically specializes in flooring. Your local flooring store will be able to offer the largest selection possible and the best quality products since this is the basis for their whole business. You will often be surprised to find the price comparisons are usually pretty equal as well. 

At Eastman’s Carpets and Flooring, we have a catalog with plenty of options to fit your style and budget as well as in-stock options of both carpet and vinyl if you are in a rush. 

The Expertise

With a local store, you will speak with employees who specifically work with flooring day in and day out. They are experienced, they know the various manufacturers, and they are familiar with the installation process. You will be getting all of your questions and advice from people who know the selection and the best options for your home.

In a big box store, the employees are handling a wide range of products and are typically working in different areas of the store. They will probably have a general knowledge of their products to help you out but they won’t be as experienced as someone who specializes in it. 

The Personalized Service

As mentioned, you will be working with the same small number of employees at your local flooring store. If you come in to look at samples and then return for some more questions, you will probably be helped by the same employees who will recall where your last conversation left off. Plus, they have a reputation to uphold and will always be striving for customer satisfaction. They will want you to return to them with any questions, talks about warranties, or the purchase of additional flooring down the road.

Big box stores will have a rotation of employees who will be working in various areas of the store and you will most likely not see the same person when you return. While they will still be able to help you, it could get frustrating if you need some more detailed questions answered. 

The Installation

Your local store will have its own professional team of flooring installation experts to ensure your flooring will last as long as promised with proper installation.

The big box store often does not have a specialized installation team or they will hire the job out for installation. This could leave room for issues with satisfaction depending on who ends up with the job. 

At Eastman’s Carpet and Flooring, we are a third-generation family-owned business built off the backbone of customer referrals, a reputation for quality service and products, and our expertise in what we offer. We offer a wide range of flooring options from carpet, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl and even offer the option to apply for credit right in our store. Come visit us so we can show you the difference in care and make your home beautiful with the perfect flooring.

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