Ready to DIY your new floor? Avoid these DIY flooring mistakes


No matter what flooring you are in the market for, keep in mind that it is a BIG investment in your property. It is not something you want to do cheaply since you will be living with it for quite some time. Whether you are a seasoned DIYer or a beginner, we are here to help you all along the way.

At Eastman’s, we carry a huge selection of flooring products including, hardwoods, vinyl, luxury vinyl, and our newest offering, Floordash, a do-it-yourself COREtec luxury vinyl plank flooring that is in stock now in a huge variety of options (more on that later).

Before you begin your DIY project

To help you get the biggest return on your investment, no matter what type of flooring you choose, we’ve compiled just a few tips to help you avoid some common DIY flooring pitfalls.

Not Preparing the Subfloor

Your finished product will suffer if your subfloor is not properly prepared. Keep these three words in mind: Clean. Flat. Dry.

● Be sure the floor is flat. You may need to sand high areas, fill low areas or add leveling compound for more pronounced dips.

● Be sure to remove any contaminants from a slab foundation.

● Do not use particle board for subflooring.

Not Considering Moisture Content

If you are installing wood floors, the most common DIY issue with wood is humidity, and we get a lot of that in our area. Wood planks will condense and expand depending on how much moisture is present in the environment. If the boards are placed too close to one another, and then they expand with moisture, you will start to see warping and cupping.

At Eastman’s, we have years of experience installing wood flooring in our coastal environment. Just ask for our advice!

Lazy Layout

Every home has its unique areas where installing flooring can be tricky. Plan for those odd spots, (around floor vents, doorways, fireplaces, etc.). You don’t want your new floors to be off-center or look odd in any way.

Floordash and COREtec LVP

If you are a first-time DIYer or experienced in the do-it-yourself world, our COREtec luxury vinyl plank flooring is not too difficult to install, making it the perfect option for you. You can get that fixer-upper updated quickly and for an affordable price with some beautiful new flooring to spruce up the space.

With Floordash, you can choose from a large selection of options – all in stock – and get your project underway immediately. You don’t have to wait for your order to be processed and shipped or sacrifice quality by picking up whatever is available at your local box store. More on that later.

COREtec is 100% waterproof flooring, making it ideal for all homes, particularly those with children and pets or pools and hot tubs. The waterproofing helps prevent unwanted warping, buckling, and peeling that can ruin the look of a beautiful floor quickly.

COREtec is pet-proof as well, with multiple layers to help resist scratches and scuffs. Did we mention quiet and warm? With its cork backing, this flooring reduces noise and gives its a warmer feel. It is style, strength, and simplicity are all wrapped into one beautiful plank flooring that comes in so many styles and color options.

Who is Floordash for?

No matter what type of flooring you want, when you shop with us, you’re supporting your friends and neighbors in the community, and you’re sure to enjoy an unmatched level of personalized, professional service that you won’t find at other stores. Eastman’s is locally owned and operated, and we have an experienced team of professionals who are here for you. If service and selection are important to you, Eastman’s is the flooring store for you! Stop by our showroom and speak to one of our flooring experts today, and we will guide you all the way through your next DIY project!

Not a DIYer? Don’t hire the wrong person for the job.

You wouldn’t hire a general practice physician to perform open heart surgery, so don’t hire a general contractor or handyman to install your flooring.

The installation cost may be cheaper, but that is a red flag right there! Someone may be cheaper because their skill level is lower. Flooring is a very specialized trade, and at Eastman’s, we pride ourselves on our extensively trained installation team.

Knowing you have the right people for the job gives you peace of mind and is worth every extra penny you might spend.