4 Steps To Prepare Your Home for Floor Installation

As you start to finish remodeling your home, are you looking to prepare your home for new flooring to withstand your day-to-day activities? At Eastman’s Flooring, we have a team that is knowledgeable about how to prepare your home. Below, we have listed several ways to help prepare you. Not only will these steps help you significantly with preparation, but they will also help make your process go smooth and faster when installing your new flooring!

Continue reading to learn how to prepare your home for floor installation in a list of 4 steps that you should follow:

Communicate with your flooring installers

We recommend starting off by communicating effectively with your flooring installers to help prepare your home. You should start by asking their arrival time. By doing this, you’ll be able to start moving your belongings out the way and clearing the area out.

Each installation job has its own schedule. But installers may run into problems. They may have to tear out materials in the walls, or they may need to ventilate the room they are working in.

Get an overall estimate as to how much time your installers need. But keep this estimate in mind as a baseline only. Do not make any plans for your house for a few days after the installation job is supposed to be done.

Disconnect your electrical devices

You want to disconnect your electrical devices within those rooms. As well as move to another space a day or two prior to the flooring being installed. This is helpful because the cords will not be in the way when the installers will be moving flooring around within those rooms.

Another reason this is helpful is that when installing the flooring, it can help reduce the risk of the installers getting electrocuted. At Eastman’s Flooring, we do not disconnect your electrical devices, and it will be greatly appreciated if you do so prior to the team installing the flooring!

Remove your belongings

Next, remove your belongings from the rooms, such as paintings, pictures, furniture, etc. This will not only help the installers lay the flooring down faster and easier, but it will also help prevent your belongings from getting damaged due to debris.

We recommend you move them out of the rooms completely and put them in a space where you can close a door to protect them. If you need help moving furniture from the rooms, Eastman’s team of installers will be more than willing to help move your furniture!

Remove your pets

Lastly, if you have pets, you should put them in a separate room and close the door so they can not get out while there is debris laying around. If you do not want to leave your pet alone, it is best to get him/her out of the house for the day where they can be comfortable and not stressed. This will help keep them out of the way for the installers while they are working.

It can also help prevent your pets from being anxious or scared while the flooring is being installed due to the loud noises or new people coming in and out of the house. We want to make this experience as stress free as possible for your pet!

As you finish preparing your home and you have any questions about how to prepare your home more, here at Eastman’s Flooring, we are here and prepared to help answer your questions! Just give us a call today at (252) 726-2737.