Staying on trend in 2023 with area rugs


Viva Magenta has been selected as the color of the year for 2023 in the Pantone Matching System (PMS), and at Eastman’s Carpets, we have a wide variety of area rugs that can help you add that punch of color and make a bold statement in your home décor.

Eastman’s Carpets strives to maintain the largest selection of rugs in the area. We have flooring experts plugged into the latest trends to help you make your space your own and give it a fresh, new look.

Pantone describes Viva Magenta as powerful and empowering, encouraging freedom of self-expression and experimentation. The color is a balance between warm and cool, making it very versatile. It combines well with bright yellows or blues. Added to pinks, it evokes a more feminine feel.

Whatever your color scheme, adding an area rug that celebrates the “magentaverse” will bring freshness to any space in your home. If Viva Magenta seems a bit bold for a large rug, select some soft furnishings in that color, and then pick rugs that help highlight it.

Area rugs add interest and visual breaks, particularly important in today’s open floor plans. They define spaces and bring comfort and warmth over vinyl, luxury vinyl plank, laminate, and hardwood – even over existing carpeting.

Tips for decorating with area rugs.

  • What’s your budget? Do you want rugs that are more permanent in your house or those you can change up every couple of years? ‘
  • If you are placing a rug in a heavy traffic area, it’s best to choose a rug made of durable fabric, like wool.
  •   If you are buying a rug to place under your dining room table, make sure it’s about four feet bigger on all sides than the table itself. This will keep the chairs on the rug when they are pulled out.
  •  If you have lots of color and pattern in upholstery, wallpaper, décor, and accessories, you can avoid making the room look too cluttered by selecting a simpler rug design.
  •  If the room is small, go for rugs with small patterns. They make the room look bigger. The same goes for color. Lighter shades work better in small rooms.  
  • If you want to define a space in a larger room or a room with furniture made of dark wood, look for darker, bolder shades (Viva Magenta, perhaps?) to complement the look and feel.
  • Another interesting idea for large rooms is to use two area rugs to help break up the space. In a large bedroom, for instance, you can place a rug in front of or under the bed and use a second one to define a separate reading space.

Tips for maintaining area rugs.

  •  Leave some space between the edges of the rug and the walls. Ideally, it should be around three feet. This way, your rug will not be overused, and if there are any nearby doors, they can be closed and opened without getting pushed or rubbed.
  • Always place rugs over an underlayment. Not only does this prevent wear and tear on the rug, but it also helps absorb sound in the room, too.
  • Avoid putting rugs where they will receive direct sunlight. This can fade them and make them lose their beauty over time.
  • Rotate your rugs every few months to ensure that if there is any wear and tear, it occurs evenly.
  •  Vacuum your rugs regularly on both the front and back sides. If you have area rugs that are small enough, take them outside and shake them out. 

Area rugs are excellent for adding beauty, comfort, and great design elements to your home, and at Eastman’s, we have options for any style – from traditional to modern, simple to elegant – in a wide variety of sizes. Come in and tell us about your space (better yet, bring photos), and we can help you transform it!

If you are in the market for more than just area rugs, Eastman’s is the place to go for carpeting, engineered hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl plank, and our latest in-stock offering, Floordash, a waterproof COREtec luxury vinyl plank flooring that you can install yourself.