Save Your Floors This Holiday Season

With Halloween in the rearview, it’s time to start getting ready for the holiday season! You know what that means: sneaking off to buy early Christmas gifts, pulling your stretchy pants out of the closet for your holiday feasts and of course, preparing to visit with friends and family. If you’re hosting this year’s gathering, you know you have the added responsibility of getting your home ready for festivities. While having the family over can be a treat for many, your floors run the risk of sustaining extra damage. Whether you’re worried about wine spills on your carpet or scratches to your hardwood, read on to discover how you can fix and even prevent damage to your floors this holiday season.


Luxury Vinyl Plank


Luxury vinyl plank flooring is easily one of the most beautiful yet durable flooring options available to consumers! Not only is this flooring waterproof, but it is also water-resistant. With that being said, luxury vinyl plank still requires regular cleaning and maintenance! Be sure to wipe up spills ASAP. Messes that are left on LVP for too long can cause serious stains and stickiness. Furniture is more likely to get moved around to make space for more guests, which can lead to scratches in your floors. You can prevent this by using flooring pads! Acting as a physical barrier between furniture and your floors, you can move your chairs and couches with peace of mind.




Carpet is notorious for holding more dirt and grime than other flooring options, so be sure to take steps to prevent stains! Area rugs can be a quick fix to preventing damage to your carpet. When placed in high-traffic areas, your rug will catch more of the heat than your carpet. You can also opt for a no-shoes policy! This will reduce the amount of outside dirt that comes in contact with your carpet. In the event that there’s a spill, such as wine, be sure to keep a bottle of club soda handy! Simply pour on top of the stain, blot (don’t scrub), and repeat until the stain is lifted.




Hardwood flooring is more prone to damage, so take steps to prevent stains and scratches! In the event of a spill, make sure you wipe it up as soon as possible. Not only can stains set in, but it can also cause warping if the spill is big enough. Shoes can be particularly damaging to hardwood because they can track in grit, leading to smaller scratches to your flooring. Heels, in particular, can leave deeper scratches in your hardwood. You can prevent damage by sweeping regularly or opting for a no-shoes policy at your next get together.


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, be sure to give thanks to your flooring. As part of your home, it has been there for some of your family’s most cherished memories. Give your floors some extra love this holiday season! From our family to yours, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful and blessed to have covered eastern North Carolina for over 50 years, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store.