Protecting Floors in Summer


Summer tips to protect floors and keep them looking good

Wet feet, sandy flip-flops, extra guests, sun, and humidity. All these can take a toll on your home’s flooring during the summer. But, with a bit of vigilance and care, you can protect your floors without sacrificing summer fun!

At Eastman’s Carpets & Flooring, we don’t just sell you quality flooring for your home, we know flooring and we can help you keep what’s underfoot in tip-top shape. Here are just a few tips to keep your floors looking great through the wear and tear of summer.

Keep sand, dirt, and debris at bay.

Spending more time outdoors? Feet can pick up an array of debris, from sand and grass to small pebbles and sticks, which can be highly abrasive to floors and get buried deep in carpeting.

So how can you protect your floors?

The easiest way is to place mats with non-slip pads by entryways. Choose rugs with a pop of color to help add a summer feel to your home. We have a huge selection of area rugs – small to large – that will not only protect your floors but give your living space a decorative facelift as well.

Don’t forget to put doormats outside the entrances as well. Decorative, seasonal mats keep dirt out while welcoming visitors with a summer vibe.

Got pets? Have a towel handy to clean paws and dry off wet hair. 

Despite your best efforts, inevitably, you’re going to get some dirt tracked inside. Keep it to a minimum with regular cleaning, paying extra attention to higher-traffic areas like hallways and entrances.

When you do clean your floors, vacuum, sweep or mop, but avoid using wet mops or oil-based cleaners on hardwoods.

Flooring and water don’t mix.

We all know about the skin damage the sun’s rays can cause, so we lather ourselves and the kids with sunscreen, lotion, or tanning oil.

Unfortunately, those products coupled with dripping wet swimsuits and hair can lead to slick conditions on any type of flooring. To help prevent slips and falls, advise children, their friends, and guests to thoroughly dry off before entering the house. Place rolled towels outside and use walk-off mats just outside the entryway to help catch water and debris.

Between thirsty pets sloshing water, stray melting ice cubes, and condensation, water has a way of showing up on floors during the summer. Be sure to wipe up spills ASAP with a soft cloth or towel and use a towel or protective mat under your pet’s water bowl. Water left sitting can warp or otherwise damage floors.

Shade is your friend.

Hardwood floors and bright sunlight don’t mix. We know it’s tempting to let all that sunlight pour in, but when it comes to rooms with hardwood floors, less is best!

Be sure to close blinds and even close the slats facing upward so the sunlight is redirected to the ceiling and walls instead of the floor.

The same goes for carpeted rooms. Shielding them from direct sunlight will protect them from fading and discoloration

Keep humidity under control.

With summer, comes humidity. Laminate and vinyl flooring can become slippery when there is too much moisture in your house. 

With carpet, you can get mold, stains, and a smelly room when it is too humid in your house. Wood can warp and swell creating trip hazards and an unsightly space.

Floor manufacturers recommend keeping humidity levels at 35-55%. To help control levels, be sure to use air conditioning and add a dehumidifier if levels remain high during the summer months.

A final word.

Instead of constant upkeep, it may be time to replace your floors with an easier and upgraded solution, so you can have more time to relax.

Whether you want carpeting, engineered hardwood, or luxury vinyl planks, Eastman’s has the right flooring for your home and lifestyle. come by and our decorators will be happy to assist you.

Happy summer!