Planning Ahead for Beach Property Renovations

Your beach property may be your personal retreat, a place for the kids and grandkids or a source of rental revenue… but the last thing you want in any case is delays and aggravation when it’s time to update and make renovations.

Eastman’s has been proving flooring and installation as part of beach home and property renovations for decades.  Here are a few tips to help you plan ahead, have fewer surprises and get finished in time for the season.

Schedule. Schedule. Schedule.
Peak season will come as quickly as it left last year, and many property owners rent out their beach properties all year.  Timely scheduling is essential to keep your project from impacting peak of season.

Start Early! The earlier the better!  Indoor renovations can be completed in most weather conditions, so schedule early – well ahead of late spring and summer months when weather warms, and beach-goers start arriving.  This can be a busy time for renovations.  Book your contractors, installers or other providers early.  If flooring is part of your beach home renovation plans in Eastern North Carolina, give us a call as soon as you can.  We routinely work with property owners who live in Raleigh or in other areas to assist them prior to their arrival for the beach season.

Think “Bottoms-Up” at the Beach
Changing up a furniture layout or a color scheme of a room can add new life to your beach house.  But if your plans include an update to the flooring, start there first.*  A couch is easier to move than the floor, so when planning your renovation – thing “bottoms-up.”  Your flooring choice should be first.  After that, enjoy selecting paint colors, rug patterns, accent pillows, and more.  Even dog beds can be chosen with the new floors as a canvas!

*If ceiling repairs are needed, they should be completed before new floors are installed.

Materials Are Key 
Material that can last is so important when it comes to a beach house. As any beach home owner knows, water, wind, sand, and salt can affect the life of your flooring.

Ceramic Tile – Tile has long been a popular choice for beach homes.  It’s durable, easy to clean, and has the lowest rate of moisture absorbency. Tile has become increasingly popular now that tiles are produced with a wood grain finish.  This gives the appearance of wood flooring, with the water-resistance and durability of tile.  Tiles take longer to install, so allow extra time to meet your deadlines.

Stone Tile- Stone has longevity and can be cleaned easily like most tile. With other flooring materials, the elements make them look weathered and old, but natural stone ages gracefully and the weathering creates beautiful patinas in the grains of stone.  Stone tile also requires more time to install than some flooring types.  Start early to allow plenty of time for materials and installation within your time frame.

Luxury Vinyl – Luxury Vinyl Planks are naturally water-resistant, making maintenance a breeze.  They’re resistant to scratches, stains, dents and scuffs.  Modern graphics processes and production advances give home owners styles with the look of wood to marble will less cost and great durability.

Engineered Hardwood- Engineered Hardwood gives you the look and elegance of real wood, with a more stable core that is less susceptible to expanding, contracting or shifting when exposed to moisture, humidity and temperature.  Click here to schedule an appointment to learn more about engineered hardwood and it’s benefits.

Carpet- Carpet is comfy on the toes, but it is a hoarder of dust and sand.  If carpet is a must-have, it’s best suited for low traffic areas like bedrooms.  Most carpets have a high rate of moisture retention which can cause problems, but with products like Shaw™ LifeGuard Water proof carpet, you have better choices for the beach.

Talk to Your Installers or Contractor
Communicate with your installers or contractor about the process and timelines for each step of renovations you’re completing.  For simple updates, it may be just a little timing:  1. Remove old cabinets, 2. Install new floors, 3. Install new cabinets.  For a complete renovation project, there may be electrical, plumbing or other professionals involved.  Understanding what’s happening and when will help you navigate the process more smoothly.  Before you know it, it will be time to relax on the beach and sip your favorite cool drink.