How Do I Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet?

How Do I Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet?Your dinner party was a success… except for the red wine stain that now stares at you from the carpet!   Accidents are bound to happen, and advice is plentiful… but do any of the suggestions ACTUALLY work?  There are great debates over the subject.  So we’ve searched far and wide and found the most-recommended home-remedies for red wine stains.

Act Quickly. Test Wisely.

It’s important to note two things.  First, quick action matters!  No matter which method you use, taking action quickly is very important. The longer the wine stays on the carpet, the more difficult it is to remove.  Second, it’s recommended that you test these methods on a small area that is out of sight to ensure they do not fade or otherwise affect your carpet’s appearance other than removing or reducing the stain.

Blot. Blot. Blot.

Begin by blotting the carpet with a clean rag.  Make sure you blot gently and lift the liquid out of the fibers.  Don’t rub and press the wine deeper into the carpet.  Start from the outside edges of the spill and work toward the middle, so the stain doesn’t spread.  Add a small amount of water to dilute the wine and blot some more being careful to use a clean part of the rag.  You may need more than one clean rag to blot with.  When you have lifted as much as possible out of the carpet, you can attempt to remove any remaining stains.


When it comes to home remedies, there are plenty of suggestions out there.  These are the three most commonly recommended and highest rated by end-users.  Remember, test in a hidden area before trying any of these remedies in visible places.

1. Hydrogen Peroxide & Dish Soap:

  • Mix equal amounts of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide.
    Test your carpet in an hidden area to make sure it doesn’t fade or affect the color.
  • Blot with a clean rag to lift the stain alternating parts of the cloth to always blot using a fresh area.
  • Blot with fresh, room temperature water to remove the soapy, sticky residue from the cleaning solution.
  • Cover the stain with a clean cloth and place a weight on it for several hours to remove any residue of the stain or cleaning solution.
  • Once the stain is gone, vacuum the dry carpet to return it to its normal look.


2. White Vinegar & Dish Soap

  • In a small bowl, pour 2 cups of warm water and mix in 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of dish soap.
  • Dab solution directly onto the wine stain.
  • Continue blotting until the stain has lifted.


3. Ammonia

  • Dilute 1 tablespoon of ammonia in 1 cup of warm water.
  • Dab the solution on the stain and allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes.   Use a clean cloth and blot the stain.


Red wine on carpet is never a happy ending to a party or evening… but if you act quickly, you can remove all or most of the stain.

What home remedy have you tried?
Did it work or flop?

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