Four Best Flooring Options For Pet Owners

We all love our furry friends, but living with a cat or dog in the household means extra wear and tear on your flooring. To make sure your floors stand the test of time, we’ve compiled a list of our best flooring options to keep you and your pets happy!


Pet Friendly Flooring Options




Laminate flooring is a great low cost option for any pet owner. Laminate is extremely durable and scratch resistant which is perfect for both cats and dogs. While it isn’t as water-resistant as some of our other options on this list, it is stain-resistant and can be cleaned with minimal effort. 


Laminate flooring can come in many colors and textures which makes it a perfect option for any room in the house, and with the proper maintenance these floors can last decades!


Engineered Hardwood


Engineered hardwood floors are a great option if you love the look of traditional hardwood flooring. Not only is engineered hardwood more affordable but it’s also much more resistant to scratching and staining.


And while it isn’t as water or scratch-resistant as some of the other options on this list, it is great for those who aren’t willing to sacrifice the look and feel of traditional hardwood.


Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is our top choice for any pet owner. It’s extremely versatile and can be made to mimic almost any texture including natural stone, tile, and wood. It’s very affordable, water-proof, scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain.


If you’re looking for a budget friendly option that checks all the boxes, consider luxury vinyl!


Water Repellent/Stain Resistant Carpet


Water repellent/stain resistant carpet is made for homeowners who can’t part with the comfort of carpet. Many pet owners dismiss carpet as a viable option when considering flooring for their home because it offers no scratch resistance and very little if any water/stain-resistance. 


However, water/stain-repellent carpet can be great for older pets because it is much more comfortable than other flooring options. If used sparingly, repellant carpets can make a great addition to a pet owner’s home! 


Maintaining Your Floors


Cleaning spills and accidents is vital if you want to maintain any kind of flooring. Some flooring like laminate and engineered hardwood are more forgiving in case of an accident but can still stain if left for too long.


That’s why it’s important to clean spills rights away using an appropriate cleaning solution. If you have carpet it may take a little more work to maintain your floors so consider getting a portable carpet cleaner to help take care of any accident…pet related or not!


Grooming your pet can greatly extend the life of your flooring. Whether you take them to a groomer or do it yourself, making sure your pets nails are trimmed will help prevent scratches or tears on your floors.


Making sure their fur is trimmed and brushed is also a good way to keep your floors pristine and it saves you from having to sweep or vacuum it up later.


Vacuuming and mopping should be done on a regular basis, especially as a pet owner. Even though many of our listed flooring options require little maintenance it’s still important to do these basic tasks.


Luxury vinyl and laminate flooring can last for decades if properly cared for, so make sure to invest in a good vacuum and mop to get the most out of your floors!


We hope our list has been of some help! We know that deciding on your next floor can be a daunting task, especially when having a pet in the house but just know that there are pet-friendly options that can fit your specific needs. If any of the flooring options today have caught your interest or you have any questions feel free to browse our website or give us a call. We’d love to help!