Eco-Friendly Grass Flooring

Earth Day is in April, but for more and more folks, Earth Day is every day.  New “green tech” is being developed, people are skipping straws, and buying electric or hybrid vehicles.  Flooring is no exception.  New advances have been made on many fronts on flooring materials and production.  But did you know that you can cover your floor beautifully with a grass product?  Yes, it’s true.  This amazing green grass floor is… bamboo!

Bamboo is actually a species that is classified as a grass.  Its growth rate is exponentially faster than trees.  Within 5 to 6 years, bamboo is ready to harvest and be used for flooring purposes.  Bamboo is resilient and makes floors look and feel spectacular.  It’s a great, sustainable flooring option.

Bamboo Pros

  • Sustainability is the key! Once harvested, new stalks can regrow from the same plant.  Bamboo can grow densely in many locations and environments.
  • Traditional hardwoods can be costly because of the time that is required to grow and harvest trees. Bamboo generally costs about $1 less per square foot.   You can save money and help the environment!
  • Bamboo has woven strands that can stand up to heavy pressure making it a very durable option for flooring.
  • It cleans as easily as hard wood floors. It’s as simple as a mop and soap!
  • Bamboo can easily be re-finished and polished like wood floors. With a little maintenance, it can last decades.

Bamboo technologies are changing all the time and will continue to improve.  Choosing bamboo as your next home flooring option can help make Earth Day something we do every day.  Happy Earth Day from Eastman’s Flooring!