Carpet Maintenance Tips


When it comes to carpet, maintenance is extremely important to its longevity. If carpet is not properly maintained, it can lead to unsightly damage, trapped odors, and a shorter lifespan. Avoid the cost and hassle of replacing your flooring by following a few simple carpet maintenance tips.


#1 Vacuum Frequently


“How frequently?” you might ask. The short answer is: it depends on how much traffic your carpet is seeing. For higher traffic areas, you should vacuum the entire area twice a week. For areas with light traffic flow, you can vacuum the entire area once a week. For rooms with little to no use, you can opt to vacuum once every other week. For optimal cleaning, run several passes over your carpet in different directions. This will pick up even more dirt and prevent matting.


#2 Clip Snags


Everyday activities like moving furniture and pets walking around can lead to snags in your carpet. As tempting as it may be, don’t pull on the snag! This can lead to even more damage. Instead, remove the snag with a pair of sharp scissors. This will limit further damage. If the snag is large enough, you may even be able to mend it with the remaining carpet fibers.


#3 Use Rugs and Mats


Placing doormats at exterior doorways and area rugs in high traffic areas are great ways to keep your carpet in good shape. Acting as a physical barrier between the carpet and its environment, rugs, and mats can reduce the amount of dirt and other grime stuck in carpet fibers. Even better, they are both useful and decorative. If you’re looking for a new area rug, we strive to provide one of the largest area rug selections in Eastern North Carolina and are more than happy to aid you in your selection.


Carpets have come a long way in terms of maintenance levels. There are now carpet options that are designed to withstand pet stains and others that are waterproof. If you’d like to upgrade your carpet, come visit our showroom and speak to one of our flooring experts!

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