Affordable Flooring Options for Your Second Home

As the weather starts to warm up on the Crystal Coast, many folks are starting to get their second homes prepped for the summer. For some, that also means finishing renovations. You want your floors to be ready for the sun, sand, and all the fun you’ll be having this summer, and we don’t blame you! Not only does Eastman’s Carpets & Flooring have some of the highest quality flooring on the Crystal Coast, but we also have products that will give you the most bang for your buck. Kick your feet up, catch a tan, and read on to discover the affordable luxury vinyl flooring options that our team offers.


Luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most affordable, high performance, and low maintenance flooring options there is. Unlike hardwood flooring options, luxury vinyl flooring is impervious to moisture damage, which works as a huge advantage to those who are based in areas more susceptible to humidity. Luxury vinyl flooring is also less susceptible to sun damage, and many even come with a UV protection coating to prevent damage from over exposure to sunlight. While hardwood floors have a longer lifespan, they must also be carefully maintained. Things like dust, dirt, high heels, and pet claws can damage hardwood floors, which can serve as a disadvantage to those who aren’t at their second home frequently. Due to its durability, low maintenance, and affordability, luxury vinyl is the flooring of choice for many second-home owners!


Whether you want the hardwood or ceramic tile look, the versatility of luxury vinyl flooring has got all of your needs covered. Luxury vinyl flooring comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to match your décor needs, and many even replicate the look of wood grains. This is an added bonus if you wanted tile in the kitchen or laundry room and wood in your living room.


Come what may, this flooring is ready for the beating that comes with the summer and is one of the easiest to clean! Unlike hardwood floors that require careful maintenance, luxury vinyl flooring requires very little upkeep. A quick sweep and Swiffer will keep your luxury vinyl flooring looking as good as new, which means less time away from your summer fun.


With as many adventures you’ll be going on throughout your vacation, you want to make sure your floors can keep up. That’s where Eastman’s Carpets & Flooring comes in. We’ve been covering the Crystal Coast for over 50 years with qualified, reliable and experienced flooring experts. Get a free estimate or stop by to talk with one of our skilled project specialists to get your renovations started!