5 Tips to Keep Tile in Top Shape

5 Tips for Keeping Tile in Top Shape

Finally! Your kitchen renovation is complete.  New counters, cabinets, appliances, and of course beautiful tile floors.  But now how do you keep those beautiful tiles looking new?

These 5 simple tips will help keep your tile surfaces in great shape.  With these easy maintenance tips, your tile floor will stay one of the most beautiful investments you’ve made in your home.

5 Tips to Keep your Tile in Top Shape

  1. Use a grout sealer. Grout is the porous substance that is used to fill in the gaps between tiles. Because grout is porous it means that it can, and will, soak up any liquid that it comes in contact with. No matter what room in your home you have tile installed it is important to protect your tile grout from moisture so that it does not get under the tile and cause bubbles and breakage. A grout sealer is the answer. It comes in many different forms such as brush on, roll on, and spray on. You can even find some grouts with a sealer built right in. This simple step will ensure your tile grout stays fresh and stain free.
  2. Damp Mop Weekly. Tile is a very low maintenance flooring option. Daily sweeping of high traffic areas and weekly mopping will do the trick. You don’t need to use any harsh chemicals, detergents, or soaps.  A mop dampened with warm water is all you need.  For more stubborn spills and spots use a residential multipurpose spray and scrub gently.
  3. Use floor mats and rugs. Keeping a rug at the door, or in front of the stove isn’t just for show. Rugs and mats are perfect for trapping sand, rocks, and grit that can cause wear and abrasion on your tile surfaces.  Simply shake the rugs outside or run a vacuum over them once a week to keep the dirt to a minimum.  Not only do rugs and floor mats serve a protecting purpose, but they also can make standing on hard, cold tile floors more comfortable.
  4. Use protective pads on furniture. Small felt pads, or a similar product, can be purchased to place underneath the legs of furniture. This is helpful when sliding chairs over a tile surface constantly to prevent scratching. It will also protect outdoor tile floors from damage or staining resulting from the rusting of metal patio furniture.
  5. Let a professional handle damaged tiles. Even though you take care of and protect your floors, sometimes accidents happen. A qualified tile contractor can remove the damage tile and replace it with a new one with little to no effect on the surrounding area. A process like this often takes great skill and special tools. It is often best to leave tile repair jobs to the professionals.

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Tile flooring is an excellent option in many rooms in your home and will last for many years to come with the proper care and maintenance. Want to get a little help on proper tile care? Subscribe to our newsletter and be entered to win a FREE Tile & Grout Care Kit from Eastman’s Carpet and Flooring in Morehead City, NC.



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