4 Common Carpet Myths


Myth #1 Carpet is Hard to Maintain

With regular maintenance, carpet is no more challenging to maintain than other flooring options. Rather than sweeping and mopping weekly, you’ll vacuum weekly. It’s one less step, and with a deep clean each year, your carpets should have a very long life!

Plus, with options like waterproof and pet-friendly carpet, preventing stains is now easier than ever.


Myth #2 Allergy Sufferers Shouldn’t Have Carpet

The theory is that carpet is bad for allergy sufferers because it can trap dirt and pollen. However, when dirt and pollen get trapped, they aren’t circulating freely in the air. This can actually help people with allergies.

Once again, it comes back to weekly housekeeping. Carpet isn’t bad for people with allergies as long as they are clean and well maintained. Allergy sufferers should use a vacuum with a HEPA air filter to trap those pesky allergens. Being consistent with a cleaning routine will dramatically help reduce allergens in the home, regardless of flooring type.

Myth #3 Carpet Is Not Sustainable

The modern sustainability movement pushed the carpet industry in an eco-friendly direction. This means many carpets are now made from recycled materials and can be recycled again when it’s time to remove it. With sustainability in mind, companies like Shaw Floors are putting customers first and designing flooring for a better future.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly flooring options, learn more here.


Myth #4 Thicker Carpet Is More Durable

Some people might think that thicker carpert is more durable, but it’s actually the opposite. Carpets with taller fibers are less dense, which is why they can become matted. Think of commercial carpets in businesses or schools; they are very thin (and dense) to account for high foot traffic.

Keep density in mind when you visit us, and we’ll help pick the perfect carpet for your needs!

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