RENO 1 – 2 – 3

Are you frustrated with the quality of your floors?  Does the function or layout of a specific room fail to match your lifestyle?  It may be time for a renovation.  Don’t let a ‘reno’ intimidate you!  Take it with an “Easy as 1, 2, 3” attitude and you’ll be enjoying an updated living space in no time.  Here are 1-2-3 first steps to help get your project underway.

  1. Do Your Research.  This can be a fun part of a renovation project.  This is time you set aside to determine what changes you want to make to your home.  Google and Pinterest are great sources of visual inspiration.  Check sites like Houzz and others, too.  Find what you like first, then see what you can do to bring your space and that style together.
  2. Ask: Who will use this room most?  Will this be a playroom for the kids? Is it the kitchen/dining that needs a face-lift? Considering who will benefit the most from the renovation will help keep your project and goals on focus to fit their needs.  It also helps guide functional and style choices for the project.
  3. How Much Will Change? This sets the scope of the project and helps you determine the budget.  What do you want to change and how drastic will the changes be?  Sometimes they’re just a refresh – paint, flooring, a few new furnishings.  Is it just the floors in the kitchen?  A whole bathroom up-fit?  Or new carpet upstairs?

Once you’ve determined what you want, functional and style needs, and the scope of the project you can begin to specify the budget for supplies, materials and labor.  It’s wise to also plan a little “cushion” in the budget for incidentals or unforeseen items. A renovation may uncover other existing needs or there may be a component you forgot to account for, like a new area rug to brighten up the room or a upgrade to the faucet.  For any flooring components, talk with our team.  We always consider a client’s budget and try to make sure their investment is used as wisely as possible.

Now get going!  Get referrals and quotes for the project components you need professional help with, and build your shopping list for the décor and items you can handle on your own.

These simple steps will launch your home renovation easily.  Renovations are easy with trusted professionals to help guide you along the way.